Copyright 2013 by Bruce Ian Schimmel
Presented by Alife’n Massage (sm)

“Can’t you stop that horrible doorbell noise?”

    Has this ever happened to you? You press a doorbell for a second and it rings. You take your finger off, but instead of stopping, it continues to ring, even though you are no longer pressing the button! That horrible doorbell noise just continues until you think you’ll go mad from it!! So, you shout, “Can’t you stop that horrible doorbell noise?”

    Trigger Points are very much like a malfunctioning doorbell. In a doorbell, a wire sends an electrical current to a magnet, causing the ringer to hit the bell. In a muscle, a nerve sends an electrical impulse to a muscle cell, causing a contraction. When you take your finger off the doorbell button, the electrical signal is suppose to stop and the magnet is suppose to let the ringer to release. In a muscle, when the impulse stops, the muscle is suppose to relax. If the doorbell button malfunctions, the ringer keeps hitting the bell and you get non-ending noise. If the nerve malfunctions, the muscle keeps contracting and you get “a Trigger Point,” causing a “taut band with a nodule” and you get non-ending pain.

    Of course, this doorbell malfunction also uses a lot of electricity (like muscle energy) which will cost you needless money, until you fix the problem. Similarly, a muscle/nerve malfunction, also needlessly uses a lot of energy, until you fix the problem. This is called “an energy crisis.”

    Trigger Point Release manually forces the nerve/muscle to relax, ending the impulse that causes the taut band with a nodule. This is the goal of Trigger Point Release Therapy.